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Cyclotron Systems (15p, 25p, 35p & 70p)
Raycell Mk1: X-Ray Based Blood Irradiator w/ Self-Contained Water Source
Gold Standard in Blood Irradiation: Gammacell 1000 & 3000
Raycell Mk2: X-Ray Based Blood Irradiator, 2 canister options available
GammaBeam 500: World's First Dedicated Total Body Irradiator
Equinox External Beam Teletherapy Machine
Provide precise treatment w/ motorized & manual Multi-Leaf Collimators


Best Theratronics Ltd. provides reliable solutions to hospitals, medical and research centers worldwide.  We manufacture external beam therapy units, self-contained blood irradiators, and cyclotrons.  With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we are the world leader of gamma radiation therapy, providing accessible cancer treatment for all.

External Beam Teletherapy


Accessible cancer therapy solutions, providing advanced Gamma Teletherapy.

Irradiators & Accessories

Raycell Mk2

Prevention of GVH disease and irradiation for cellular therapy.

Cyclotron Systems

Best 25p

Radioisotope production for imaging and particle acceleration for research.

Best Theratronics is proud to be a part of the TeamBest® group of companies, providing solutions in external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy, vascular brachytherapy, dosimetry, health physics, radiation oncology, blood irradiation, imaging, and medical particle acceleration.  The TeamBest® group of companies brings with it a diverse range of knowledge from around the world that ensures customers will always have a clear and accurate answer.  TeamBest® is driven by one primary goal - to provide the best products and services to customers.

Best Theratronics