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Cobraleaf Cobraleaf® is the mechanical add-on MLC for Best Theratronics’ Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Systems.

The innovative concept of the CobraLeaf® MLC system now provides the ability to conform Best Theratronics’ Cobalt-60 Radiotherapy to the exact tumor shape without the cumbersome use of lead blocks.  The method, known as 3D CRT, improves the impact on the cancerous tissue while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.  The MLC connects modern treatments methods in radiotherapy with high cost efficiency and maximum reliability for all environments, even in remote areas, which helps save lives all over the world.


  • Instant usability
  • Highest reliability (no electrical components, easy maintenance)
  • Minimal investment
  • No reliable power supply required
  • Easy leaf retraction system



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