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Compu•Cutter® III

CompuCutter Pic Radiotherapy departments can now take advantage of the cost savings and versatility of a compact tabletop Compu•cutter® system.  The Compu•cutter® III is less than half the size of its predecessor without sacrificing quality and accuracy.  Available as a complete package or as a single unit which can plug and play with your existing configuration.  Huestis software is compatible with any Windows® based O/S, allowing for easy image manipulation, correction and cutting.

Compu•cutter® III is the next generation in the Huestis Medical block cutting system.  Radiotherapy teams worldwide have come to depend on Huestis Medical for quality and cost effective radiotherapy products.  The Compu•cutter® III is a CE certified radiotherapy shielding block cutter.

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  • Computerized, four-axis cutter ensures accuracy of ±1 mm.
  • Built-in checks minimize operator error and time consuming re-cuts.
  • Allows review of outline on monitor.
  • Drawing package feature allows for easy image manipulation and correction.
  • Cut path simulation prior to actual block cut.
  • All functions and set ups are completely computer controlled.
  • Radiograph printout verifies tracing.
  • Template printout facilitates mounting shielding block on tray.
  • Treatment Planning Interfaces
  • Radiograph Digitizing (optional)
  • Quick Modifications
  • Hot Wire Cutting
  • Versatile Configurations
  • Easy Installation


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