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The Gammacell 40 Exactor is designed to be a stand alone research irradiator.  With its accurate and reproducible performance, the Gammacell 40 has been relied upon by researchers worldwide to advance their cancer and stem cell scientific studies.

Unrivalled Precision and Versatility

The Gammacell 40 Exactor Low Dose Rate Research Irradiator is used in labs throughout the world to explore elements of cell biology, and advance the scientific study of various areas of cancer and stem cell research.

The Gammacell 40, with its state-of-the-art control system, is engineered to give precise results.  Timer settings can be chosen in increments of one second up to 100 hours and the control system allows manual or automatic operation.  Dose uniformity is ensured through the use of two Caesium-137 sources and an electric drive mechanism which provides accurate results regardless of where specimens are placed in the large sample container.

A Research Tool by Design

Research environments demand execution of protocols to exacting standards and replication of work with unfailing accuracy.  The Gammacell 40 is designed and engineered to meet these research environment requirements.

The Gammacell 40 has a wide range of applications in radioimmunology, radiosensitivity and cell biology.  It is ideal for the irradiation of mitotically inactive cell culture media, mixed lymphocyte cultures and cellular blood components.

The Gammacell 40 also has a large ventilated sample container which makes it an excellent research tool for the development of murine models for cancer therapy.


GC 40 Rad Disk Ultra Rodent Holder - Video Presentation
Collimator upper and lower lead shields reduce the central dose rate by approximately 95%. 6 holes of 3 cm diameter each are arranged in each shield to allow unattenuated beams of radiation to coincide at 6 points.

Attentuator a set of 3 attenuators can reduce the central dose rate by approximately 33%, 60% or 80% respectively.

Rad Disk Ultra™ Gammacell 40s only manufacturer-certified rodent holder.  Click here for more information, or watch the video presentation on your right.

Advanced Design

  • Redundant systems monitor the essential irradiation parameters, time and position of sources.
  • Modular design makes parts replacement easy and maintenance hassle free.
  • Large volume chamber swings out from the unit making it convenient to load and unload.
  • Control system provides web browser (Ethernet) access to monitor system status and cycle history database.
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