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radiation therapy - Gammabeam™ 500 Total Body Irradiator

Gammabeam 500 Huestis Cascade
StyroFormer CompuCutter

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The GammaBeam™ 500 Total Body Irradiator is designed as a reliable teletherapy unit that is able to produce a large uniform rectangular radiation field at an extended source-to-skin distance to deliver total body irradiation.  It is optimally designed to deliver total body irradiation to patients in preparation for bone marrow transplantation.


  • Source position indicators
  • Redundant control system monitoring and timing
  • Source shutter mechanism
  • Operational and inhibit state interlocks
  • Fixed and SSD treatment capabilities
  • Graphical touch screen user interface
  • Motorized vertical motion of the head
  • Head swivel (optional)
  • DICOM Worklist interface to customer’s treatment management system
  • Field flatness (±5%)
  • Back up power to guarantee completion of treatment
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