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Gammacell® 3000 Elan Rodent or Cell Holder

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Features of the RadDisk Micro3 & Micro4

  • Gammacell® 3000 Elanís only manufacturer-certified rodent holder.
  • Rad Disk Micro3 is triple divided and sized for irradiation of adult mice.  Three cages fit stacked in the stainless steel rodent holder.
  • Rad Disk Micro4 is triple divided for irradiation of weanling sized mice.  Also can be used without the divider and jump guard system for 2 adult mice.  Four cages fit stacked in the stainless steel holder.
    - Without the divider system, it can also be used as a petri dish application for growth and irradiation of cells/bacteria.  Absolute filter lid permits higher air exchange than standard petri.  Bacteria or cells requiring greater availability of O2, can benefit from lack of pressure buildup within the dish, and full, uninterrupted access and exchange of ambient air.
  • Three (Rad Disk Micro3) or four (Rad Disk Micro4) stacked versions available.
  • Steam autoclavable, medical grade polycarbonate construction mitigates attenuation of gamma radiation and allows germ-free rodent transport from cage to Gammacell® and return, using micro-isolation techniques.  Modified stainless steel canister.
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