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Self-Contained Blood Irradiator - Gammacell® 1000 & 3000
Self-Contained Blood Irradiator - Raycell® Mk1
Self-Contained Blood Irradiator - Raycell® Mk2
Self-Contained Blood Irradiator - Gammacell® 40 Exactor
Gammacell® 40 Exactor Accessory - RadDisk Ultra Rodent Holder
Gammacell® 3000 Accessory - RadDisk Micro
External Beam Research Irradiator - Gammabeam® X200
Theratron® External Beam Teletherapy - Gammabeam® 100-80
Theratron® External Beam Teletherapy - Equinox™
Multileaf Collimators
Avanza™ Patient Positioning Table
Gammabeam® 500 Total Body Irradiator
Gammabeam® 400 Bone Irradiator
Radiation Therapy - Huestis•Cascade™
Radiation Therapy - Styro•former®
Radiation Therapy - Compu•cutter® III
Cyclotron Systems

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