Dear Krish,

I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work you are doing to promote Best Theratronics.  Over the past 29 years I have seen many leaders, but none with your level of commitment to evolving Healthcare.  This commitment has become apparent to me in the past two years of your leadership and I would take to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude.  I am particularly impressed with your work on the Best CURE Foundation.  I firmly believe that there is a need for more efficient and cost effective healthcare delivery in Canada and around the world and I sincerely hope that the mandate you have established will be successful and adopted by others.  As you mentioned, hospitals and doctors often lose sight of their mission to save lives and are consumed with the need to make a profit for themselves and insurance companies.  People should not have to wait months for healthcare, and perhaps die while waiting to be treated.

Not only will the Foundation benefit the patients, but it is also a good opportunity for our company to be directly involved in the solution to this world-wide issue.  My hope is that the Foundation will meet its objective of reducing healthcare costs and ultimately create new jobs and preserve existing ones in Canada.

With kind regards,
Luis Abarca
President, CEPU Local 1541

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