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GammaBeam™ 100-80

GammaBeam 100 Pic At Best Theratronics we design products and solutions that help medical professionals treat cancer.  Our products are used throughout the world to deliver radiation treatments.  We are best known for the GammaBeam Teletherapy treatment systems using Cobalt-60.  We have over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing Cobalt-60 based external beam systems.  Over that time we have installed more than 1,500 GammaBeams and supply over 80% of the world’s gamma based external beam systems.  Today these machines deliver 45,000 treatments per day.

The GammaBeam™ 100-80 is a new design based on the reliable Theratron Phoenix that offers more functionality, safety and improved user interface.  Its basic design makes it simple to use and easy to maintain while maximizing reliability where service support is limited.  Moreover, the compact control console makes basic functions intuitive, thereby reducing the complexity of operator training while augmenting its patient treatment capacity.

The GammaBeam™ 100-80 truly does provide universal access to cancer care, which is our mission: to succeed in make healthcare affordable and accessible for all.  Best Theratronics and all TeamBest companies are committed to being your Single-Source Oncology Solutions Provider with a wide array of best-in-class products for both your external beam gamma teletherapy and brachytherapy needs.


GammaBeam™ 100-80 is an evolution of the Theratron / GammaBeam line of treatment devices and through our years of development and servicing we have gained the knowledge to build robust and reliable units.  The elegant yet simple design results in a more reliable system that will offer more up-time than expected with comparable devices.


The Interlock system, along with the IEC design standards used to develop the GammaBeam™ 100-80, make the system safe and reliable.  The seamless battery back-up included allows for continued treatment for an additional 4 hours after loss of power.


The use of a new graphical touch screen user interface makes the entry of treatment parameters logical and easy.  Interlock messages are clearly displayed and easily interpreted to allow for rapid correction of incorrect settings.  System messages are presented in a clear understandable form.  The service screen displays the status of the machine to provide a simple method to troubleshoot the system.


The GammaBeam™ 100-80, if required, can include a Beamstopper to help with room shielding.  Best Theratronics can provide the highest activity sources in the industry resulting in an output of 390 cGy per min at 80 cm.  The high activity sources allow for faster treatment times, which improve throughout.


  • IEC compliant
  • Dual treatment timer
  • 1.5cm or 2cm diameter high activity sources
  • 390 cGy/min at 80cm
  • Assymetric Collimator
  • Field size from 1x1cm to 35x35cm
  • Minimum individual jaw setting of 0cm
  • Physical wedges (15°, 30°, 45° and 60°)
  • Wedge and Block Code Interlock
  • Beam Stopper option
  • Graphic touch screen data entry interface
  • Service diagnostic
  • Ergonomic hand control
  • Motorized verticle table drive
  • Only 200W average power consumption
  • Battery back-up for up to 4 hours operation
  • Head swivel



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