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external beam teletherapy - Phoenix

Gammabeam 100 Equinox
Multileaf Collimator Avanza
Cobraleaf Phoenix

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Technical Specs.

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The Phoenix™ offers users simplicity and strength. The machine includes a minimum of automation and the control system is designed to be simple and easy to repair. These machines have provided, and continue to provide, countless lifesaving treatments in the harshest clinical environments with a maximum of uptime.

The elegance of the Phoenix™ is definitely in its simplicity - easy to operate, easy to maintain and well proven. The Phoenix™ is clearly the choice for reliable, dependable, continuous clinical service.

Universal Care, Economic Solutions

At Best® Theratronics we design products and solutions that help medical professionals treat cancer. Our products are used throughout the world to deliver radiation treatments. We are best known for the Theratron® Teletherapy treatment systems using Cobalt-60. We have over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing Cobalt based external beam systems. Over that time we have installed more than 1500 Theratrons® and supply over 80% of the world’s gamma based external beam systems. Today these machines deliver 45,000 treatments per day. The Theratron® Phoenix™ is the cost effective member of the Theratron® line, a design that offers simplicity and reliability. As one of the members of the TeamBest™ companies, we are excited to expand our product offerings beyond external beam treatment systems. Our aim is to be the Single Source Oncology Solutions Provider of choice for our customers. We can now offer our customers a wide array of best-in-class products used in brachytherapy and external beam radiation. It is through our commitment to our customers that we succeed in our mission to provide healthcare for everyone.

Efficient, reliable and easy to use, the Theratron® Phoenix™ External Beam Therapy System enables truly universal access to cancer care. Simple and intuitive, requiring minimal support and maintenance cost, the Theratron® Phoenix™ is an economical solution without peer in the radiation therapy industry.

A basic external beam therapy system that is simple to use and easy to maintain, the Theratron® Phoenix™ has a straightforward manual design that maximizes reliability where service support is limited. The compact control console makes basic functions intuitive, reducing the need for operator training while maximizing patient treatment capacity.

Treatment Table 27M

The Theratron® Phoenix™ is supplied with the Table 27M treatment table. Table vertical motion is motorized. All other motions are manual with locking lever controls. Table positions are indicated by scales.

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