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StyroFormer Pic Renowned as the worldwide industry standard, more Styro•formers are in use than all other shielding block mold cutters combined.  Styro•former® offers accurate, easy and fast cutting with minimal training.  A hand-held tracing stylus allows quick radiograph outlining to provide a smooth and efficient block cutting procedure.

Our Styro•former® Power Lift LT features panel-mounted drive controls for both source and block arm distances.  A quick change wire system uses unique thumb screws and a table-mounted measuring template for quick, easy wire changes.  Radiotherapy teams worldwide have come to depend on Huestis Medical for quality and cost effective radiotherapy products.  The Styro•former® is FDA registered and CE certified.

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  • Acurate Cutting
  • Rigid Box Frame
  • Quick, Smooth Operation
  • Standard Foam Block Holders
  • Power Lift LT
  • Auto Boost Option
  • Radiotherapy Accessories


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